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No-Code Technology: Good Fit for FP&A? by Dino Vidili. Article published in FP&A Trends website. The online resource for Moderns FP&A professionals. While I was having a business meeting recently, I was asked to resume in simple terms: What is No-Code / Low-Code technology, and why should I consider it important for my business? I preferred to explain it in a simple, business logic and strait forward manner. Here it goes: “It can be resumed most probably […]
Finance Chiefs Are Still Trying to Replace Excel With New Tools Many companies would like to reduce their reliance on the spreadsheet application, but employees remain reluctant to give it up by The Wall Street Journal Finance chiefs are still trying to get employees to move away from Microsoft Excel, the ubiquitous spreadsheet program loved and loathed by accounting professionals. While many still see it as a helpful tool, some CFOs say finance teams rely on […]
Hyperautomation Is Driving Finance into the Future by Kate Wilson. Tipalti Company Change has been the word on everyone’s mind since 2020 propelled us into a consistently shifting environment. None of this was anticipated, and many companies were forced to pivot in previously unimagined ways. And no function felt the effects of this more than finance. As much as they prepared for the future, every financial leader had to re-evaluate their 2020 and 2021 plans for the impact […]
Finace exodus: How the great resignation is coming for Finance teams by spend desk journal   You’ve almost certainly already heard about the Great Resignation: masses of employees in all industries voluntarily resigning from their jobs. For reasons ranging from career dissatisfaction and burnout, to lack of growth opportunities and work-life balance, the finance sector is no exception to this trend. We conducted a survey with market research institute YouGov amongst small and medium-sized finance teams in […]
Finance 6PM…. what? Yes, Finance 6PM is our blog idea for finance professionals who are passionate about technology and its major impact in a better work-life balance. We all want to have a life after 6PM, that is fact. Still, sometimes is not that easy. Finance day to day work can sometimes be overwhelming. Lots of hours of analysis, and information preparation to be shared to our stakeholders. And let us not start with month […]